Saturday, July 9, 2016

Well, What Did You Forget This Time?

Whether you are a new Full Timer, a Newbie, a Part Timer, or a Weekender we all seem to forget something vital to our RVing enjoyment or safety at the beginning of each season.  What do you really need to have to hook up your RV and have a safe but fun RVing experience? To find out I asked a bunch of Facebook RVers to give me a list of their most important, not to be forgotten, "must haves" for the RV before you pull out.  Here is the list in no particular order.

1. Power Cord to hook up the RV along with an extension cord. You need enough to go to either end of your RV.
15 Ft 50 Amp Extension Cable
25-Ft 30 Amp Extension Cord

2.  An extension drinking water hose is a must.  You should have a 25-foot regular hose and a 25-foot extension.
25 Foot Drinking Water Hose

I make the assumption  that you already have a drinking hose with you.  If not, you are going to need one.  Get a 25 foot one for everyday use and another 25 foot as the extension. (I once stayed at a park where the water was on one side of the TT and the electric was on the other side of the TT.)

3. Another good thing to have is a Water Hose Splitter for the park supply line. That way if you  need some additional outside water you will not need to unhook the water supply to the rig.
Plastic Water Hose Splitter
4. Extra sewer hose is a must these days.  With longer rigs you can't leave home without it.
10 Foot Sewer Hose Extension

5. In addition, to the hose extension you should also have a short clear section of sewer pipe to keep an eye on what is coming out of the sewer and to know when it is done draining.
45 Degree Clear Fitting
With the above fitting you can really see if that new RV TP really is quick dissolving.

6. In some States and in some RV Parks you must raise the sewer line off the ground.  It is the law.  There are lots of idea floating around but here is one of the simplest.  Remember in some States this is required.

Sewer Hose Stand

7. If the park you are staying at has Cable TV you will need some TV cable to go from the Utility Box to the rig.
25 Ft RG6 Cable TV Wire
8. How about better tasting water?  Please read the Blog Post on "Water Out Of The Campground Faucet, YUCK!!" for all the best options but, here is just one.
RV Water Filter
9. A good tire pressure gauge is vital for any RVer.  A cheap one is not an option.  As always check your RV tires when Cold.
Good Digital Tire Gauge
10. Wheel Chocks are the next must have item.  Oh, the Horror Stories I could tell.  Get some Chocks.
RV Wheel Chocks for Pull Behind RVs.

11.  For reasons of safety and anti-theft I also recommend an X-Chock.
Locking Chock
12. A spare set of water hose washers is a good idea.
Water Hose Washers
13. And by all means an RV 30 or 50 amp (depending on your RV's power requirement) Power Management Protector (Surge Protector).

30 Amp Surge Protector
50 Amp Surge Protector

Just be sure to get one that works with your Rig.

14. A Water Pressure Flow Manager would be a good thing as well.  This limits the water pressure to your Rig to no more than 50 psi of water pressure in your RV's plastic water pipe system.  Much more than that and you might start to blow water fittings.

Water Pressure Regulator
Water Pressure Regulator With Meter

14.5 If you use a Water Hose Splitter, like number 3 above for cleaning out your RV sewer hose then you should have a water Back Flow Preventer like
This little unit attaches to the hose splitter and prevents and water hose connected to the open side of the hose splitter from leaking water back into the water source and contaminating it.  Like when you wash out the sewer hose or the spare hose falls into a puddle. 

15. Often times people will suggest that you take boards with you to level the Rig in a campsite that is not level.  While boards may work they add weight and can absorb water when left on the ground during rain.  Here is an alternative.
RV Ramp/Leveler

16. You will not want to forget some RV Dog Bones.  These adapters change your electrical hookups from one type to another.  For example from 50amp to 30amp.  Why because the campground only has 30amps. Please read "RV Dog Bones What Are They and How Are They Used" further down in this Blog for more details.
Adapt 50amp Plug to 30amp Plug

17. You should also carry a water hose for everything but drinking.  Wash the kids feet, flush the sewer hose, etc.  You get the picture.
General Duty Water Hose
18. You should also have a spray bottle of disinfectant to use on park water taps.
Spray Disinfectant

Feel free to add your Can't Be Left Behind" items to the comments area.

Until next time.

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