Sunday, May 22, 2016

STOP!! Bugs From Sticking To Your RV

This is the dreaded part of the year because of our friendly bug population has been attacking our fine looking RVing Rigs.  So after a trip, during a trip, or before storing what do you do, what can you do, and what should you do to stop bugs from ruining your RV's exterior?

1. Always start with a clean rig.  There are a lot  of products out there to clean an RV but here are a couple that I have used that have really worked for me.  (Your mileage may vary)
Dry Wash
Use this when you have no water available or it is prohibited to use water.
RV Wash
If you have water then this stuff really works.

On Facebook the follow RV Wash was strongly recommended.
Facebook Recommended RV Wash
I have not tried the Facebook RV Wash myself so I can't comment on it.

You will need some help reaching all the way up to the top of the Rig, so an extension scrubbing brush is in order.
RV Wash Brush

2. OK now that you have the Rig CLEAN now what can you use to keep the bugs off your Rig.  Nothing, the bugs will always be there. But you can make them fall off easier during washing and maybe not stick to your Rig after you and they collide.

Rejex Synthetic Vehicle Wax 

"Thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. Prevents stains and adhesion of common contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime."
This stuff makes it much harder for bugs to stick onto the surface of the Rig and if they do, the bugs slide off easier during the wash cycle.

I have never tried this but have been told that it really works.
Lemon Pledge Makes Bugs Slide Off
I have used the following with some luck. It also puts a UV blocker on the Rig to slow up Sun Fade.
RV Bug Slider with Sun Blocker
Here is the first Facebook recommendation.
Fiberglass Cleaner and Polish
I have read good things about Gel-Gloss and my wife used it for years in our shower.

The second Facebook recommendation is shown below.

Ice Liquid Synthetic Wax, Innovative New Technology Blends Silicone & Organic Polymers To Provide Extraordinary Shine & Durability To Your RV Finish, Nationally Advertised Apply In The Sun Leaves No Residue, Quickest Easiest Wax To Apply & Use.

The ICE Polish is the latest thinking from the RV community on an easy to apply and remove and it makes bugs slide right off.

3. OK, one more thing you will need for the above polishes to wax on, wax off.
Micro Shine & Clean Towels
4. If you have read this far then I will give you the latest bug remove secret. Dryer Sheets, that's right.  The sheet will remove bugs quickly even if it is a used sheet.  So start saving you old used dryer sheets to remove RV splattered on dried out bugs.
Fastest Bug Remover In The West

Until Next Time.

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