Thursday, June 2, 2016

Does Your RV Sewer Drizzle & Drool?

Are you afraid to loosen the RV Sewer Cap on your RV because it may drizzle some sewer liquid on your camping shoes or boots?  Do you always have to put a bucket underneath the RV sewer outlet because liquid waste may drool out on the ground and stink up the area?

Well do I have the solution for you.  There are a lot of reasons why the sewer outlet may leak. A bad shut-off valve, a bad seal somewhere down the line, or even the fact that the RV was not level and the drain could not fully empty.  No matter what the reason the following end of the line shut-off valve will stop the problems.
End Of Wast Line Shut-Off Valve 
 This valve goes on the end of the sewer line and prevents sewer line drizzle and drools.  Following the instructions add this valve to the end of the sewer line and continue to use the sewer cap you already have.
I also strongly suggest that you use a 45 degree clear fitting as the first fitting you put on the sewer pipe after removing the sewer cap.
45 Degree Sewer Pipe
This fitting allows you to see what is coming out of the tank and when the flow is at an end.  You do want to know if that fancy RV toilet paper really does dissolve quickly right?
Please continue reading this Blog to find out more about the sewer and holding tanks in your RV and their proper care and feeding.

And as always wear rubber gloves when handling sewer components.  This is for your safety.
RV Rubber Sewer Gloves

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